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State of Your Company 2020

Posted by Andrew St. Hilaire
State of Your Company 2020

If you had to use one word to summarize the theme of this year’s State of Your Company at Family Reunion, it would be “togetherness.” KW co-founder, chairman and CEO Gary Keller and president Josh Team entered the main stage of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas – together. The more than 15,000 people in attendance stood up and cheered – together. And, by the final frame of the 2019 Year in Review video, it was clear Keller Williams is winning – together.

This is a big moment. And, it’s going to get better and better and better. – Gary Keller

During their time on stage, Keller and Team made that optimistic premonition seem more like a foregone conclusion: clearly detailing the plan to remove the friction between agents and consumers to formulate an infinite loop of success for the foreseeable future.  

Taking Command, Together

The first component of this frictionless experience is Command, the platform built by agents, for agents. Before unveiling five new agent-requested features, Team took a moment to thank all of the Labs participants and early adopters whose feedback made these updates possible. “This is the way that agents get to define the platform and where they want to go,” Team said. One area agents have gone all-in on? Lead generation using Campaigns.

To date, 19,000+ Keller Williams agents have earned over 90 million impressions, generating nearly a quarter of a million leads in Campaigns, all for a fraction of the cost of competitors. “We’re able to generate materially less cost per lead than anyone else,” explained Team. “Get on the dollar-lead bandwagon.”

Team continued by announcing customizable SmartPlans, a highly-anticipated feature that allows users to automate when and how they contact their database. And, speaking of smart marketing, Family Reunion attendees got a peek at SmartVideos –customizable, shareable, data-powered videos that gives clients a taste of nearby neighborhoods.

Also announced were new, robust team features for Command like lead routing and pooling, contact ownership, collaborative opportunities, and exportable reports. “Launching today is the most feature-rich lead routing tool the industry has ever seen,” said Team. “Every criterion can be assigned, built, and managed inside Command.”

Updates to Designs (a library of 2,000 marketing pieces to date and a custom PDF upload feature) and the addition of agent-referral patterns were also well-received, but it was the customizable Guides that underpin the new KW App that really captured the audience’s attention (more on that later).

The individual features of Command are powerful on their own, but the real benefits appear when used in tandem and with best practices in mind. Team and Keller had a few to keep in mind.

The best part of these suggested tactics? Many of them only take 30 seconds or less. For example, by simply adding a home address to a contact, Command automatically associates those contacts with a neighborhood; allowing you to build targeted, hyperlocal marketing that speaks to them one-to-one. And, one of the best ways to create a highly-personalized consumer experience is the much-talked about KW App.

The KW App: Bringing Agents and Clients Together, Forever

While Command and the all-new KW App may seem like two different products, Keller was quick to set the record straight. “Command and the KW App are not separate programs. These are two different screens, if you will, operating on the same platform,” he said, while demonstrating how the KW App feeds client data directly to an agent through Command.

As an example, when an agent creates a custom buying or selling guide in Command, that same step-by-step action plan will appear in the form of the Guide feature on the KW App. When a consumer uses the KW App to begin a home search and starts adding their favorite houses to a custom collection, their agent will see what properties interest them and provide personalized suggestions. And, back at Keller Williams Realty International (KWRI) headquarters, developers are working every day with agents to bring more features to the KW App that will provide even more customer insights for agents, keeping them the fiduciary at the center of the transaction.

The keynote concluded with a heartfelt thank-you from Keller: first to Josh Team for leading this technological revolution, then to all of the KWRI team members who help bring these innovations to life, and finally to all of the agents who are responsible for keeping Keller Williams at the top of the real estate industry. It was a powerful reminder that to achieve success, you have to work together.



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