Cleaning Tips To Get Your Home Sold

Posted by Andrew St. Hilaire
Cleaning Tips To Get Your Home Sold

Synonymous with prime selling season, spring and summer are the perfect time to freshen up your space in preparation for getting your house listed on the market. I've rounded up some great cleaning tips that will not only transform your space into a swoon worthy dwelling but also attract home buyers looking to purchase their next home. Ready to embark on your cleaning journey? Read on to get started!

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

First things first: declutter your home. No prospective buyer wants to step into a house filled with perceived junk. Go around the house to identify items that have been taking up precious space for months and years. Perhaps it's your collection of novels you've been meaning to read. Or clothes you've held onto for special occasions or 'just in case' situations that never quite materialized. Once you figure out what needs to be donated or boxed up and stored in your garage, you'll breathe easier knowing that you've created a perfect space for the next owner to manifest their dream home.

Keep Your Windows Sparkling Clean

There's nothing like dirty windows, screens, and sills that signal 'Don't look inside' to prospects. Tackle this moderately intense project by starting with the inside of your home, as you'll have more control over the outcome. To clean the windows outside, hose them down and remove excess water by using a squeegee or hire a professional for the harder to reach exterior windows. As for cleaning solutions, there are plenty of eco-friendly products that will yield sparkling, streak free results. More of a DIY person? Mix distilled white vinegar with water for the same results.

Get Your Floors Spick and Span

Chances are, you already sweep, dust. or vacuum your house every week to keep your floor looking and smelling fresh. Despite your best efforts, stubborn dirt, dust. and allergens get deeply embedded in your hardwood floor or carpet, leaving behind a less-than-pleasant appearance and odor. Whether you live in a large compound or a smaller, cozier house, it's well worth the money to enlist the help of a professional floor cleaning service to ensure every square inch of your place looks and smells brand new. Want to maintain the freshness without added chemicals? Use an air purifier in lieu of air fresheners to eliminate funky smells.

Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Beautifying your outdoor space is just as important as cleaning the interior of your home. Take a mini-tour of your yard and garden; does your lawn need a proper cut? Are there any pesky weeds sprouting throughout your otherwise pristine yard? Take care of the landscaping duties your self or hire a professional to tidy things up while you bask in the sun and sip on a refreshing glass of Arnold Pa I mer. If neither of these applies, enjoy a weekend of embellishing your garden with fresh flowers and lush plants conducive to thriving in your city. Or try adding a fresh coat of paint to your front door for a quick, inexpensive way to make the right impression. (Pro tip: Stick to neutral colours as they appeal to most home buyers.)

De-gutter and Mend Your Roof

After months of snow-ridden (or unseasonably warm) winter days, chances are your gutter and roof show some weather-induced wear and tear. Remove the collection of dead leaves and debris from the gutter to prevent any unwanted critters and insects from inhabiting the space and potentially clogging it. While you're at it, inspect your roof for any holes, leaks, and other damages incurred during the previous season. Taking these steps will not only save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in costly repairs, but whoever is lucky enough to snag your abode will have a sturdy yet comfortable roof over their head.

Make Your A/C Unit Run Like a Breeze

With warmer weather ahead, make sure that your air conditioner is in tip-top shape. Not only will this prevent you from enduring sweltering heat once the temperatures rise but the next occupants will also appreciate the cool breeze that sweeps through the house. Start by changing the air filter regularly (the general rule is every 30 days) since that can be done easily by yourself. For more intense tasks such as cleaning air vents and ducts, hire an HVAC profession also they can access hard-to-reach areas in your house.

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